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Comflow® was originally developed by the Computational Engineering group of Comprimo (which later became Stork Engineers and Contractors and subsequently Jacobs Engineering) in a project for a group of Dutch companies. This project was financed by a subsidy of the Department of Economic Affairs in The Netherlands. The goal of this project was to make CFD more accessible for the companies involved in this project. At the end of this project Comflow® was a DOS-based program with a seperate pre-processor, solver and post-processor and had only two modules, Ducting and CHT.

At the end of this project the companies involved decided to establisch a society with the purpose to maintain Comflow and to develop other engineering software. This society they called INUDENT, INdustrial Use and Development of ENgineering Tools.

Over the years Comflow® was, with the aid of INUDENT, extended with modules Reactor and Transient (the latter module extension was also subsidised by the Department of Economic Affairs) and upgraded to a Windows application


The mission of INUDENT is to maintain Comflow and to develop other engineering software.


During the years a number of companies has supported the development of Comflow® by a membership of INUDENT. These companies are listed below.

  • NEM - Leiden
  • Stork Ketels (NEM-Hengelo)- Hengelo
  • Standard Fasel-Lentjes - Utrecht
  • Willich Gresel (Dahlmann) - Spijkenisse
  • De Koninklijke Schelde Groep - Vlissingen
  • Thomassen International - Rheden
  • Smit Ovens (Smit Sinus Furnaces)- Nijmegen
  • DSM Stamicarbon - Geleen
  • Holec Machine & Apparaten (Brush)- Ridderkerk
  • ECN - Petten
  • Kema - Arnhem
  • HCE - Deest
  • TNO-IMET - Apeldoorn
  • Comprimo (Jacobs Engineering)- Rotterdam
  • LD Duiker - Kwintsheul
  • KIWA - Nieuwgein
  • De Jong Stromingstechniek - Schiedam

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